Monday, January 26, 2009

Samgyetang a.k.a. Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

I wanted to cook something for Dr. P. Knowing how he loves soup, I decide to make samgyetang. Samgyetang, also known as Korean ginseng chicken soup, is actually very easy and CHEAP to make. It was my first try, and it turned out to be "restaurant quality" according to Dr. P's comment. :P

Samgyetang by you.

I bought a pack of samgyetang stuffing at Korean supermarket.  For $5 I got sweet rice, ginseng, dates, chestnut, and this long thin woody herb that I didn't know the name of.  Soak everything in water for a few hours.  The stuffing is enough for 2 cornish hens.  Also got the cornish hens at Korean supermarket.  Price was $5 for 2.  Put the stuffing + some garlic inside the chicken.  Add enough water to cover the chickens and simmer for 1 hour.  Add chopped green onion at the end.  Have salt and white pepper on the table for seasoning.  2 Samgyetang will be about $30 in restaurants.  Total cost for 2 samgyetang at = $10.

Samgyetang by you.

We couldn't finish the soup.  So I had ginseng chicken porridage the next day for breakfast.  Now I know how easy and cheap it is to make samgyetang at, I won't order it as much in restaurants anymore. 

Soju by you.

I also bought 2 soju to go with the meal.  The one on the right side is citrus soju.  It didn't really taste like the lemon soju we usually get at Korean bar.  But it had a slight "7-Up" taste to it so it didn't taste like rubbing alcohol like the regular soju does.  Two bottle of soju is probably $20 or more at restaurants.  I got these 2 bottles for $2.99 + $1.99 = $5.

This meal would probably cost $50 at a restaurant.  We did it for $15 with leftover.  It is really much cheaper to cook at  I am so proud of my samygetang.  I don't mean to brag but it was so good.  I'm going to make it again for my family soon!



  1. 這就是什麼我們越來越少到外面吃飯啦~ 很多東西都發現可以自己做, 而且價錢差很多耶!


  2. 對啊, 自己做衛生又便宜


  3. yummmmo!

    Glad you like it, baby. What should I cook for you next?

  4. i love Chicken Soup it is so yummy.

    It sure is!

  5. i love to eat Chicken Soup, my mom used always serve that dish with me specially when i am sick during my childhood days.

    Now you can make it for yourself!

  6. Chicken soup is one of my favorite dishes when i was a kid and until now. It is tasty and very yummy.

    Chicken soup is good, and it's good for you, too!

  7. Chicken Soup is one of my favorite dishes of all time. it is very tasty and the ingredients are very available. sometimes i put a dash of chili over my chicken soup because i like it spicy hot.

    I don't think chili goes well with Korean chicken soup though.